Diocesan Curia

1ModeratorVicar General
2Vicar GeneralVery Rev. Fr. Joseph Opelema
3Cathedral AdministratorRev. Fr Anthony Kekai
4Diocesan SecretaryChancellor
5Three or more deans
6Episcopal vicars :
iJudicialVery Rev. Fr. Dr. Peter Ikuli
iiEpiscopal vicar for priestVery Rev. Fr. Augustine Arugu
iiiEpiscopal vicar for ReligiousVery Rev. Fr Vincent Nnatuanya, CSSp
ivEpiscopal vicar for LaityVery Rev. Fr. Joseph Opelema
vEpiscopal vicar for YouthVery Rev. Fr. Sam Izibeya Victor
viPublic relationshipsVery Rev. Fr. Magnus P Irele
viiEpiscopal vicar for EducationVery Rev. Fr Athanasius Kofa
viiiEpiscopal vicar for VocationVery Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Opuowei
ixEpiscopal vicar for EvangelizationVery Rev. Fr. Victor Iheanachor
College of Consultors
Regional Vicars:Very Rev. Fr. Peter Omgbu and Very Rev. Fr. James Morkor
Bishop’s Secretary:Rev. Fr. Kingsley Arhoroghene Ogbejeje
Bomadi DeaneryVery Rev. Fr. Victor Iheanacho
Patani DeaneryVery Rev. Fr. Athanasius Kofa
Agudama DeaneryVery Rev. Fr. Joseph Opelema
Yenegoa DeaneryVery Rev. Fr. James Morkor
Imiringi DeaneryVery Rev. Fr Vincent Nnatuanya, CSSp


Liturgical Departments:  Worship
Financial Department:  Budgeting
Pastoral Department:  PMS and other Societies
Social Department:  All ministries outside of liturgical groups
Charity Department:  Education, Health and other public services
Judicial Department:  Laws and order

Liturgical Commission – Chairman: This Commission shall consist of three sub-committees, namely the Liturgy Sub-committee and the Music sub-committee:
The Liturgy Sub-Committee: Rev. Fr. Kingsley Arhoroghene Ogbejeje
Liturgical Inculturation Sub  Commission: Chairman: Very Rev. Fr.  Athanasius Kofa and Rev. Fr. Peter Lucky Brakaebi
The Music Sub-Committee: Rev. Fr Christian Arirediegha

Finance Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Victor Otoro, Rev. Fr Joesph Opelema Sr Felicia Puwei SOLSS and Sr Edidong Willams RSC
Lands, Building and Project Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Victor Otoro, Rev. Fr Zachariah Fufeyin and Mr Christopher Sibebo                                                                                        

CHARITY DEPARTMENT:  Education, Health and other public services
Education Commission – Chairman: Very Rev. Fr Athanasius Kofa and Sr. Priscilla Okannagha HHCJ
Health and Social Welfare Commission – Chairman: Sr Rachael RSC, Dr S. Demateide , Sr, Fracisca MMM and  Lady Ekiomoton LSJ
Justice, Peace, Development and Caritas Commission – Chairman: Rev. Fr Zachariah Fufeyin  and Sr. Chidinma Ogbonna, HHCJ
Communication Commission – Chairman: Rev. Fr Peter Omgbu, Sr Christabel OLA

PASTORAL DEPARTMENT:  PMS and other Societies
Missions Commission – Chairman:  The Bishop
Pontifical Mission Societies – Chairman: Rev. Fr Edward Okpu Rev. Fr Kingsley Ogbejeje, Rev. Fr Magnus Irele ,Rev. Fr Kela Abawula and Sr  Chidinma Ogbonna HHCJ
Seminary Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Joseph Opuowei  and Rev. Fr Magnus Irele
Counseling, Marriage and Family Life Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Peter Ikuli  Rev. Fr Mathias Isodje and  Sr Helen Oparaku HHCJ
Evangelization and Biblical Apostolate Commission – Rev. Fr Victor Iheanacho, Rev. Fr Sixtus Ebobra and Sr. Maryann RSC
Youth Commission –  Chairman: Rev. Fr Sam Izibeya Victor , Rev Fr  Anthony Tubuyei, Rev. Fr Magmus P Irele, Rev. Fr Kingsley Ogbejeje, Rev. Fr Bruno Ogumu and Sr Mary Felicity Udibisi LFMMS
Pilgrimage Commission – Chairman: Very Rev. Fr Athanasius Kofa, Rev. Fr kela Abawula Sr Mary-Mercy MSBS
Chaplaincies Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Emmanuel Avi CSSP and Rev. Fr. Wenceslaus Yoh

SOCIAL DEPARTMENT:  all ministries outside of liturgical groups
Priests Welfare Commission –  Chairman Rev. Fr Bruno Ikuli, Rev. Fr Victor Otoro and Rev. Fr. Joseph Opuowei
Mutual Relations Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Vincent Nnatuanya Cssp
Politics Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Peter Ikuli  and Sr Helen Oparaku HHCJ
History Commission – Chairman Rev. Fr Joseph Opelema and Rev. Fr G. Gesikeme Daniel
Public Relations Commission – Chairman: Rev. Fr. Magnus Irele

JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT:  laws and order
Legal Commission – Chairman: Rev. Fr Peter Ikuli  Barr JudeOgbuku ,Barr Fedode  Zimuagha and Barr Joan B  Ballard

Committee on Opus Secritatis
Very Rev. Fr. Victor Otoro      –           Chairman
Very Rev. Fr. Edward Okpu   –           Member
Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ogbejeje     –           Member