The Diocese has so much to put in place in order to become a diocese. There are some ongoing projects, as well as those that are to be started. With contributions from well-meaning individuals and groups, we have completed some key projects of the Diocese. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the parishes in Warri, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja that we visited for the purpose of financial appeals. Indeed, we are very grateful for the support we received from you. The Almighty God in His Goodness, will replenish your pursesĀ  in His providential ways.

Due to lack of funds within the Diocese and yet much more needs to be done, we continue to place a strong appeal for financial support in order that we may be empowered to start and complete other projects.

We therefore, prayerfully appeal that you send us your generous donations of any amount to help support the work of God in the Diocese of Bomadi via cash/cheque bank deposits, online bank transfer or with your atm (credit/debit) card.
Thank you for supporting the diocese