After over twenty two years of its existence, the Diocese has not yet been upgraded to the status of a diocese. The numerous reasons for this lapse could be summarized to lack of adequate funding and poor management of opportunities to realize the needed growth. In this regard, it has been noted, with lots of regret, the prevalent dehumanizing level of poverty that exists here in this region, which is basically responsible for our stunted growth. The owp_ious indicators are that the population of Catholic faithful here cannot sustain the expensive building projects of a BISHOP’S HOUSE, CHANCERY, CATHEDRAL BUILDING,PASTORAL CENTER, provision of CARS for priests and the much needed RECTORIES for priests in their various parish locations. While there seems to be a bright future for the Diocese to assume better financial statues, there is an obvious need for us to be helped to properly stand on our feet in regard to the provision of these needed items now.

The aim of the Church for creating this jurisdiction was that ultimately, it would be upgraded to attain the status of a diocese in order to evangelize and develop the area to a full-fledged arena where pastoral activities would effectively take place for the salvation of souls. Therefore, in order for us to achieve our dream target of upgrade to a diocese we need to seriously and urgently attend to the provision of the following:

  • A befitting Bishop’s House
  • A Standard Pastoral Centre
  • A befitting Cathedral and Chancery
  • Training of Priests for key offices in the Vicariate
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Education/School Apostolate